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Lantern’s Keep Staff

Meet the Best Bartenders in NYC

Lantern’s Keep is proud to employ some of the best bartenders in NYC – experts on hand-crafted cocktails, with a wealth of experience behind the city’s most prestigious bars. Learn more about our team by browsing the following staff information.

  • Daniel Rutkowski :  Daniel cut his cocktail teeth in the Sasha Petraske school at Little Branch in the West Village. After an eye-opening stint in Taiwan consulting for bars and eating all of the street food he landed himself back in New York City working at Lantern's Keep. He now spends more time in Midtown than he ever thought was possible after the Time Square Laser Park shut it's doors in the late 90s. When not shaking and stirring your libations Daniel is tickling the ivories at weddings, Bar and Bar Mitzvahs throughout the Tri-state area.  
  • Natalia del Pozo:  Born and raised between Miami, FL and Cali, Colombia Natalia is one of the longest serving  members of the Lantern's Keep staff. Having trained under Becky McFalls and the Little Branch family, her style honors the Petreske program. While working  at The Django, she gained a sense of efficiency, consistency, and creativity while building beverages. As a studio and fine arts major, Natalia's medium of sculpture translates seamlessly into crafting cocktails. She continues to develop her talent behind the bar while learning the wealth of information shared by her peers. 
  • Anthony Fiacco: Anthony started his bartending career under former head bartender of Lantern's Keep, Rene Hidalgo. Anthony Fiacco began his career at a Brooklyn cocktail bar "beloved". He then went on to learn from Sasha Petraske at "the John Dory oyster bar". Currently mixing drinks at three of the top cocktail bars in New York City, Anthony continues to improve his craft.      
  • Vito Dieterle: Vito is a bartender and musician. From a long tenure and partnership with the late cocktail pioneer Sasha Petraske of Milk & Hone, Vito went from his position as a bartender and curator of Brandy Library's  first cocktail program for it's opening in Tribeca in 2003, to being an early member of the bar team at Little Branch in 2005, to ultimately opening several of his own bars; including the famed Silver Lining in Tribeca in 2012, with Sasha Petraske as a partner. Vito has performed regularly for over a decade recently winning a Village Voice Obie Award for its work. He has performed in numerous venues as a leader and sideman all over the United States and Europe.
  • Kave Pourzanjani: Kave moved to New York in 2013, leaving behind a dark and mysterious past. He appeared at the steps of the Iroquois Hotel one dreary evening with a resume in hand and a surly look in his eye. He's been tending bar and serving drinks ever since. Kave doesn't take kindly to strangers, but share a shot of rum or ask about his tiki mug collection and he'll make fast friends.
  • Joey Faranda: Joey has been in the Sasha Petraske family of bars since 2015, and with Lantern's Keep since 2017. A native of New Jersey, he moved to NYC and started in the hospitality industry in 2006. After several years in the West Village, including behind the bar at the beloved North Square Cafe inside the Washington Square Hotel, and Pour George, an upscale sports bar on the historic stretch in the village, he joined the team at Middle Branch in Murray Hill, where he honed in on the classic-meets-modern cocktail style.
  • Brody Robinson: A Chicago transplant, Brody got his first taste of the Petraske cocktail program here at Lantern's Keep. He tends bar at both Weather Up locations in additon to being here. In his free time he enjoys listening to music, playing softball, and watching the greatest franchise in the history of the world, the Chicago Cubs.