Meet the Best Bartenders in NYC

Lantern’s Keep proudly employs the best bartenders in NYC. They're experts on hand-crafted cocktails, and they possess a wealth of experience at the city’s most prestigious locales. 

Natasha Torres:  Natasha Torres joined the team at Lantern's Keep in 2014 and is currently our Head Bartender. She began cutting her teeth at Dram, before moving on to the John Dory Oyster Bar, where she worked for over a year crafting cocktails. Always eager to learn, she has also tended the bar at Milk and Honey, Grand Banks and The Django. 

Natalia del Pozo:  Having trained under Becky McFalls and the Little Branch family, her style honors the Petreske program. Working with Natasha Torres during their time together at The Django, she gained a sense of efficiency, consistency, and creativity while building beverages.

Matthew Linzmeier:  Following his move to New York, Matthew found himself shaking drinks in restaurants, dives, clubs, an old fishing yacht, and the venerable Milk & Honey. He has made multiple trips to Mexico to study tequila and mezcal, toured every whiskey-producing region of Scotland, and spent weeks picking grapes on a vineyard near Bordeaux.   

Anthony Fiacco: Anthony started his bartending career under former head bartender of Lantern's Keep, Rene Hidalgo, and then went on to learn from Sasha Pretraske at "The John Dory Oyster Bar". He is currently mixing drinks at three of the top cocktail bars in New York City, Anthony continues to improve his craft.

Ginger Warburton: Ginger has worked around New York City and Brooklyn at The Daily Bar, The Dutch and Grand Banks.  

Vito Dieterle: Vito spent a long tenure and partnership with the late cocktail pioneer Sasha Petraske of Milk & Honey. He went from his position as a bartender and curator of Brandy Library's first cocktail program, to Little Branch, before ultimately opening several of his own bars; including the famed Silver Lining in Tribeca.

Matthew Houlihan: Matthew is a native New Yorker who started at the famous 24 hour Bubby's in Tribeca, before moving to Inoteca, the Nomad Hotel and now Lantern's Keep.