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Lantern’s Keep Staff

Meet the Best Bartenders in NYC

Lantern’s Keep is proud to employ some of the best bartenders in NYC – experts on hand-crafted cocktails, with a wealth of experience behind the city’s most prestigious bars. Learn more about our team by browsing the following staff information.

  • Natasha Torres:  Natasha Torres joined the team at Lantern's Keep in 2014. Hailing from Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia, she's had an eclectic upbringing, living abroad in Madrid for a year before eventually settling into Brooklyn. Choosing cocktails over law school, Natasha first began cutting her teeth at Dram, bar-backing for two years, becoming their head bar-back, a position created exclusively for her. She moved on to the John Dory Oyster Bar where she worked for over a year, crafting cocktails and gaining recognition for her agility, efficiency, and creativity. Always eager to learn, she's has also tended the bar at Milk and Honey and Grand Banks. 

  • Natalia del Pozo:  Born and raised between Miami, FL and Cali, Colombia Natalia is the newest member of the Lantern's Keep staff. Having trained under Becky McFalls and the Little Branch family, her style honors the Petreske program. Working with Natasha Torres during their time together at The Django, she gained a sense of efficiency, consistency, and creativity while building beverages. As a studio and fine arts major, Natalia's medium of sculpture translates seamlessly into crafting cocktails. She continues to develop her talent behind the bar while learning the wealth of information shared by her peers.

  • Anthony Fiacco: Anthony started his bartending career under former head bartender of Lantern's Keep, Rene Hidalgo. Anthony Fiacco began his career at a Brooklyn cocktail bar "beloved". He then went on to learn from Sasha Pretraske at "the John Dory oyster bar". Currently mixing drinks at three of the top cocktail bars in New York City, Anthony continues to improve his craft.
  • Vito Dieterle: Vito is a bartender and musician. From a long tenure and partnership with the late cocktail pioneer Sasha Petraske of Milk & Hone, Vito went from his position as a bartender and curator of Brandy Library's  first cocktail program for it's opening in Tribeca in 2003, to being an early member of the bar team at Little Branch in 2005, to ultimately opening several of his own bars; including the famed Silver Lining in Tribeca in 2012, with Sasha Petraske as a partner. Vito has performed regularly for over a decade recently winning a Village Voice Obie Award for its work. He has performed in numerous venues as a leader and sideman all over the United States and Europe.
  • Matthew Houlihan: Matthew is a native New Yorker with a natural appetite for food and beverage. Believes the key to bartending is working hard and staying humble. He enjoys drinking rum, sherry, and cold 12oz cans of American beer. Spends his free time following the Mets and listening to Wu-Tang. Matthew has been serving and bartending in NYC since he was eligible. Starting at the famous 24 hour Bubby's in Tribeca, moving to Inoteca, to the Nomad Hotel and Lantern's Keep.