The Iroquois Hotel 49 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036 | Monday through Friday 5pm to Midnight; Saturdays 6pm to 1am | 212-453-4287

An Innovator Among Midtown Cocktail Bars

Bringing Downtown Chic to the Heart of the City

When the temperance movement of the early 20th century took hold across the United States, American bartenders fled the country to more permissive destinations in Europe. These expatriates brought their US-bred cocktail concepts across the Atlantic to legendary haunts such as the Savoy, creating a distinctive culture thousands of miles from home.

Lantern’s Keep is devoted to the artful enjoyment of cocktails, as displayed by these turn-of-the-century aficionados. A hidden gem tucked behind the refined lobby of the Iroquois, Lantern’s Keep is not a lobby lounge or a mere cocktail bar in NYC – it is a unique entity in its own right, serving a carefully selected slate of creative and inspired drinks in an intimate, exclusive environment. Each of the Lantern’s Keep bartenders brings his or her own personal style and experience behind some of the best bars in Midtown to cater to even the most experienced cocktail experts.

Find out what separate Lantern’s Keep from other Midtown cocktail bars – reserve your seat in the salon today.