24-Hour Room Service at the Iroquois

Dine in the Comfort of Your Own Room

The Iroquois New York offers 24-hour room service at our Midtown Manhattan Hotel. Choose from our menus at Triomphe or Lantern’s Keep, whether for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or drinks, and enjoy the luxury of dining in your own Iroquois hotel room. Triomphe Restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner menus filled with flavorful, seasonally inspired French selections by Chef Florian Wehrli. Lantern’s Keep boasts a carefully curated menu of hand-crafted cocktails, along with select wines, beers and small plates; each member of the bartending staff relies on a wealth of experience at some of the world’s premier cocktail bars, bringing Downtown allure to meet Uptown affluence at this refined hideaway.

Triomphe Hours:




Lantern’s Keep Hours:

Learn more at www.iroquoisny.com/lanternskeep.